Online trading with Interactive Brokers

Access market data 24 hours a day and 6 days a week to stay connected to global markets

You can trade and get live price executions on 12 markets, 31 countries and 22 currencies.

Through CIM Bank in collaboration with Interactive Brokers – a global leader in brokerage – you can trade stocks, futures, options and forex directly in the markets and receive instant execution of your orders.

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Advantages of our offer:

  • Minimum account opening: 5'000 Euro
  • Opening account: Free of charge
  • Commissions on transactions: starting from 2,25 euros per transaction
  • Trading platform: Free of charge
  • Graphic tools : Free of charge

Stocks, Options and Forex

Benefits of IB trading platform

  • Shares, Options, Futures and Forex on the same platform
  • Trade over 100 markets worldwide
  • Fixed and limited trading fees
  • A powerful global network connected directly to the markets capable of ensuring instant execution of your orders
  • View real-time prices and book volume
  • Manage your account in real-time
  • Trade with a simple click
  • Specialised trading modules (order book, options, shares, futures, spreads, portfolio, depth of the market, charts, client allocation...)
  • Follow in real time all your open positions
  • A simulation system to test your trading strategies


Benefits of IB trading platform

  • View prices of futures contracts worldwide
    • Futures on European markets: DAX, CAC, S&P/MIB, FTSE, SMI, stock 50
    • Futures on American and Asian markets: S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei (USD)
    • Futures on commodities: gold, oil, gas, etc.
    • Futures on bonds
    • Futures on interest rates
  • Find out the market capacity for each type of contract.
  • Give different types of orders: OCO (One Cancel the Other), GTC (Good Till Cancelled), GTD (Good Till Date), STOP, etc.
  • Plan an investment strategy
  • Customize your interface
  • Follow in real time all your open positions
  • Rollover futures contracts when they expire

Stocks, Options, Forex with the Interactive Brokers' platformBy subscribing to Interactive Brokers' platform, the client gives mandate to CIM Bank to open an account with Interactive Brokers on his/her behalf but for him/her and at the client's exclusive risks.
Please be advised that trading on margin carries a significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.