Management mandates

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At CIM Bank, every client is unique; that's why we are offering fully customizable management mandates.

Management mandate in bonds, shares, or balanced

Available in USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF

Invest in funds authorized in Switzerland

Customizable mandate

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Bonds mandate

The bond management mandate lets you invest in the bonds market by choosing the reference currency of your mandate, the maximum maturity of the bonds in your portfolio, and their minimum rating.
Shares Mandates CIM Banque

Shares mandate

Invest in the shares market in the reference currency of your choice and tell us your personal preferences for the assets categories.
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Balanced mandate

The balanced mandate lets you invest a part of your capital in shares and the remaining balance in bonds. You can choose the reference currency of your mandate, the shares percentage, the bonds' maximum maturity, and their minimum rating.


All our management mandates let you invest in funds authorized in Switzerland.

  • Management mandates available in USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF
  • Investment from a minimum of 500'000 CHF or equivalent


The client should be aware of the risks associated with stock market investments and bond investments.

All bond investments entail the risk of default of the issuers of the bonds'. Other risks are the increase of the market interest rates that can penalize the market bond price, especially the long-term bonds (over six years).

Another risk is the downgrade of the issuers made by the rating agencies, decreasing the bond market price.

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