CIM Bank offers you to diversify your investments with BlackRock funds and ETFs.


Management mandate in BlackRock funds and ETFs

With the management mandate in BlackRock funds and BlackRock bonds ETFs, CIM Bank offers you to diversify your investments.

CIM Bank acquired a strong knowledge of funds and ETFs investment through its long-term relationship with BlackRock. Our experts have access to a continuous feed of information from BlackRock research and analysis.

Sustainable investment

With the BlackRock Global Green Bonds ETF funds, you invest in companies tied to promoting climate and protecting the environment.

Personalize your portfolio

With CIM Bank, you can define the allocation of assets for each category of investments in BlackRock funds.

You can also choose the investment strategy that suits you:
  • Income
  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive
  • Equity

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