Google Pay is available with CIM Bank

Pay with your mobile phone now

With CIM Banque and its partners Viseca and Swissbankers, benefit from Google Pay, one of the most convenient mobile payment solutions.

With your mobile app on your smartphone or your NFC Android wearable, enjoy the possibility to pay for your purchases without even getting your credit card out.  

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How does it work?

It's easy and convenient!

  1. Unlock your Android smartphone or wearable
  2. Place your device on the top of the POS terminal
  3. And voila ! You don't even need to open your Google Pay app.


Your card number is not saved in your device when paying, therefore your card number is not transmitted.

Thanks to Mastercad & Visa encryption technologies, paying with Google Pay is as safe as a contactless payment with your plastic card,


  • Activate your Visa or Mastercard provided by Cim Banque through its partners Viseca or Swissbankers in your Google Pay app to make payments
  • You can pay with most Android smartphones or Android wearable devices.
  • No additional fees when using Google Pay. The fees are the same as if you were using your plastic card.