Apple Pay is available with CIM Bank

Pay with your mobile phone now

CIM Bank, in cooperation with its partners Viseca and Swiss Bankers, is now offering you access to the "Apple Pay" payment system.

With Apple Pay, you can pay in more than 5 million shops located in more than 70 countries, on every payment terminal equipped with the contactless payment system. You only need to have a bank account with CIM Bank and a Mastercard or a Visa from our partners Viseca or Swissbankers.

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How does it work?

  1. To pay, press twice the home button or your side button of your mobile device
  2. Get your device close to the payment terminal
  3. Your payment is made within seconds. Just grab your shopping bag and you are free to go! 


Your card number is not saved in your device when paying, therefore your card number is not transmitted.

There is also a finger print identification with Touch ID when you push the Home Button twice, so you are the only person authorized to make payments from your device.


  • No installation needed. Apple Wallet is installed by default on your Apple device*
  • Activate your Visa or Mastercard provided by Cim Banque through its partners Viseca or Swissbankers in your Apple Wallet app to make payments
  • You can pay with an iPhone 6 or later versions, an Apple Watch, an iPad pro, an iPad Air2 or an iPad mini 3.
  • No additional fees when using Apple Pay. The fees are the same as if you were using your card.
  • The activation of Apple Pay requires an Apple ID created in one of the countries listed here.

* If the service is available in the country where your Apple ID has been created