Visa Platinum

The credit card for the highest demands

Visa Platinum
CIM Bank offers a high-class service for a high-profile lifestyle: Visa Platinum. More than a credit card, it is a preferential way of living. You can use your credit card to pay at more than 43 million points of sale. These include hotels, restaurants and shops as well as machines, petrol stations and car parks. And with “one” App, you have full control over your spending at all times

Your benefits

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  • Concierge service Lifestyle service active 24/7, all year round can organize everything for you - you can buy tickets, reserve a restaurant, purchase a gift, and more much.

  • Assistance 24h The specialists who provide our 24-hour assistance service are available both day and night, will organise assistance for you in an emergency (providing you with the addresses of doctors, hospitals and lawyers worldwide) and offer you advice in emergencies abroad.

  • Securicard/Securicardplus Your card also gives you access to the Securicard paid service. It makes it possible for you to make a single phone call to block all your credit cards and prepaid cards, your identity card as well as your keys or your SIM card.

  • Home-Assistance Emergency assistance in the event of a break-in, fire or flood, with an advance on costs of CHF 10,000 per claim.

  • Snow-Confort Proportionate refund of ski passes in the event of illness, accident or insufficient snow
  • Assistance (repatriation from abroad) nsured benefits include organising and covering the costs of the return journey or return transportation back to your place of residence, with or without medical assistance. The maximum sum insured is unlimited.

  • Private Medical travel health insurance Private Medical insurance covers the costs of your medical treatment abroad, subsequent to the illness and accident insurance. Maximum sum insured: CHF 15,000 per claim for treatment costs (excess CHF 50)

  • Flight delay If your flight is delayed by more than 6 hours, the insurer will reimburse the additional costs you incur for a hotel, catering and telephone calls. Maximum sum insured: CHF 400 per claim.

  • Trip cancellation insurance With the trip cancellation insurance you are covered if you need to cancel or delay your trip before departure. Your costs of cancellation and travel changes will be reimbursed up to CHF 20,000 per event.

  • Trip interruption insurance In case of emergency or unexpected event, the “trip interruption” insurance provides coverage for your return travel expenses to your home as well as for the reminding portion of unused travel arrangements, up to CHF 15,000 per annum.

  • Insurance in case of luggage theft, loss or damage Travel in complete peace of mind thanks to the luggage insurance, which provides coverage in case of loss, theft, damage or destruction of your luggage during your trip,  CHF5 000 per claim/max.

  • Luggage delay insurance Whenever you travel by public transport, if you do not get your luggage on time (delay beyond 4 hours at least) at your holiday destination, the insurance provides coverage for the purchase of clothing and essential toilet articles: up to 10% of the maximum insured sum for essential purchases

  • Travel and aviation accident insurance In case of accident while traveling by public transport, the insurance provides coverage for transport and rescue costs of up to CHF 60,000, as well as a benefit in case of disability or death of up to CHF 500,000.
  • Visa Platinum Club You can benefit of special terms for luxury resorts and hotel chains, yacht and limousine hire, exclusive offers for special events.

  • Reward Program - for Visa/MasterCard cards in Swiss francs only Accumulate "Surprize" points in Switzerland and all over the world whenever you make purchases with your Visa/MasterCard CHF credit card. Then enjoy exceptional discounts.
  • Best price guarantee Within up to 14 days after you purchase a new camera with your credit card, you find the same camera cheaper elsewhere? The best price guarantee will refund the difference to you, up to CHF 2,000 per annum.

  • Shopping insurance All your purchases of a value exceeding CHF 50 and paid with your credit card are covered since their acquisition during 30 days in case of theft, destruction or damage. Your camera falls and breaks at the exit from the store? Repairs are covered for up to CHF 1,000 per incident and up to CHF 5,000 per annum.
  • Car rental insurance deductible As a complement to any insurance taken out with a rental company or your insurance company, if applicable, the insurance deductible provides coverage in case of accident or theft of a rental vehicle up to CHF 10,000 per incident. This insurance complements a classical insurance policy.

  • Fully Comprehensive Hire Car Insurance Fully comprehensive insurance for your hire car abroad covers claims as a result of damage to or theft of/from the hire car. Maximum sum insured: CHF 80,000 (excess CHF 400)

  • Vehicle assistance Organisation of breakdown assistance in the case of an accident or breakdown abroad.