Mastercard Business Gold

The most convenient card for your company

Mastercard Business Gold
For your Small and Medium Business, CIM Banque offers the MasterCard Business Gold card. The card allows you to reduce the administrative charges and to manage easily the expenses of your card(s) online. You can customise your Business card with your own logo and design.

Your benefits

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  • Assistance 24h The specialists who provide our 24-hour assistance service are available both day and night, will organise assistance for you in an emergency (providing you with the addresses of doctors, hospitals and lawyers worldwide) and offer you advice in emergencies abroad.

  • Buying online Registering for 3-D Secure is essential if you want to securely buy and pay online, whenever you like. You only need to register once in "one".
  • Medical Travel Assistance In the event of a medical emergency while travelling abroad, Medical Travel Assistance organises round-the-clock assistance and pays the costs of the return journey or return transportation and repatriation, search and rescue costs as well as medical expenses up to CHF 500,000 per year.

  • Trip cancellation insurance You've been looking forward to your trip, but just before you're due to leave, something happens that stops you going. Trip cancellation insurance covers you against unforeseen events prior to your journey. If you have to cancel or postpone your trip, this insurance pays the cancellation or rebooking costs up to CHF 20,000 per year.

  • Trip interruption insurance When you use the Gold Business Card to pay for at least 50% of the costs of a business trip, up to CHF 10'000 in costs incurred for interrupting, cancelling or extending the trip are covered per incident and person.

  • Luggage insurance In future, you can start every trip feeling relaxed and secure, because your luggage is insured against damage, theft, loss and delay for the duration of your trip for up to CHF 5'000 per year.

  • Travel accident insurance Our travel accident insurance covers occupational and non-occupational accidents and accident-related injuries that occur during a business trip. Accidents resulting in invalidity or death are covered for a maximum of CHF 600,000 per incident and person.
  • Turnover bonus For each card with annual turnover of at least CHF 10,000, you will only pay half the annual fee for that card in the subsequent year. If the annual spending amounts to CHF 20,000 or more per card, this card is free the following year.
  • Collision damage insurance on hired vehicles If your hire car is stolen or damaged and an excess is payable, the collision damage excess waiver covers any excess up to CHF 100'000 and CHF 10'000 per incident.

  • Discount on car hire You can enjoy up to 20% discount on the "non-prepaid standard" rate at Hertz.