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Any question regarding the bank account opening process?

Can I open a swiss bank account without visiting your offices?

Yes! You just need to fill in our secured online form, identify yourself and sign your account opening agreement electronically.

What documents do I need for my bank account opening?

You will need your passport and a certificate of residence dated less than 12 months.

Do I need a mobile phone?

Your mobile phone is required to electronically sign your account opening agreement. If you don't have one, you can still print and sign your account opening agreement and send it back by post.

How can I add funds to my account?

Once your identity is verified and your account opening agreement signed, you will receive a temporary IBAN to make your first deposit on your account.

I already started the procedure; how can I connect to myCIM?

If you already filled in our online form, you can continue the procedure by clicking here to connect to myCIM with your email address.

I can't connect to myCIM; I lost my password!

No worries! You can reset your password at any time to continue your account opening request where you left! Click here to reset your password.

Will I get a credit or prepaid card?

Once your account is opened, and your first deposit completed, get in touch with your Relationship Manager to order your credit or prepaid card.

Can't wait? Discover our credit and prepaid cards and their benefits here:

Where are located CIM Bank's offices?

CIM Bank is a Private Bank located in Switzerland since 1990. If you want to visit us, we will be more than happy to welcome you to our offices in Geneva, Wollerau (Zurich area), or Lugano!

I don't find the answer I'm looking for! How can I get in touch with CIM Bank?

If you face any issues or have any questions regarding our account opening process, do not hesitate to contact us:

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