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Web conference

Discover our Web-Conference service

What is video conferencing ?

Video conferencing is like calling, except that you can see the caller

Why use video conferencing to open an account ?

By this method, you do not have to come physically to CIM Bank, to obtain all the services related to your bank account.

Your advantages are:

  • No need to come to CIM Bank
  • Accelerate the process of verifying your identity
  • Access your ebanking and all services CIM Bank provides

Will my computer allow me to conduct a video conference ?

So that you can enjoy video conferencing, your computer must be equipped with the following devices:

  • A broadband Internet connection
  • A webcam
  • A microphone

How to join a meeting ?

Once you have scheduled an appointment with your Relationship Manager, you will receive an email with the instructions.

How goes a meeting ?

Once you have opened your account online, you have to meet your Relationship Manager through video conferencing, you can see how a meeting goes with the video on the right.

Contact us to open an account or simply fill in the account opening form and a manager will contact you soon.

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