CIM Deposit Account

Latest update : 20.05.2019
CIM rate Market rate CIM rate Market rate CIM rate Market rate
48 hours----+1.90+2.40
1 month--1.00--0.50+1.90+2.35
3 months--0.80--0.46+1.90+2.41
6 months--0.70--0.29+1.95+2.48
12 months--0.57--0.22+2.05+2.58
  • For Deposit Account higher than 100,000, it is better to consult your Relationship Manager to invest in short term bonds or Repurchase agreement, for having higher return.
  • Every other major currencies are available for Deposit: Australian Dollar, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krona, Japanese Yen, Russian Ruble.
  • The bank reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

To get the current rate, please contact us
*Gross annual rates, updated each week.
**Please note that euro accounts may be charged with an annual negative interest rate of 0,55%. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more details
These rates are indicative only, subject to change.



Safe, effective investment

  • best market rates
  • fixed interest rates
  • key clients can also make 48-hour investments

Easy access from 10'000 Euros

  • open your account online
  • active in 24 hours 
  • protected, real-time access to your account
  • direct crediting to your current account

Flexible investment

  • multiple currencies available (EUR-USD-GBP-CHF-CNH and many others)
  • expiries: 1-3-6-12 months
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