Swiss Bankers Travel Cash

Why choose CIM Bank ?

Choosing CIM Bank means being able to benefit from all banking services and having the chance, with a single account, to trade, make your international payments and have a credit or debit card.

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CIM Banque offers you the Travel Cash cards. Open your bank account to get yours for free* !

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Worldwide acceptance

Withdraw cash in local currency at about 2 million ATMs, pay for purchases directly at more than 33 million merchant locations worldwide and on the Internet.
Your Travel Cash card includes PayPass™ by MasterCard.

Secure online shopping

With the MasterCard® SecureCode™, your Travel Cash protects you even better against misuse: the prepaid card is recharged directly from your CIM Bank account and only the amount available on the card can be used.

Highest safety

Your Swiss Bankers Travel Cash card is replaced worldwide, at no charge and with its remaining balance if lost or stolen. Your card is not linked to your bank account and your name will not appear on the card, hence protecting you against identity theft.

Easy to recharge

You can recharge your Travel Cash card online at any time with your CIM Bank e-banking platform accessible from your laptop, smartphone and tablet.

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