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Travel Cash card

Swiss Bankers Prime Card

The prepaid card to manage your expenses - available in EUR, USD and CHF, for free*

Universal card

Your Swiss Bankers Prime Card allows you to make purchases around the world at 36 million shops.

Make your online purchases safety through the MasterCard SecureCode technology.

Easy and fast: pay for your purchases contactless with the PayPassTM solution of MasterCard.

High added value

The Swiss Bankers Prime Card offers a higher recharge capacity and a higher limit than traditional prepaid cards. To get more information and to check the limits and fees of our cards, visit our comparative table page.

Highest safety

Your Swiss Bankers Prime Card is replaced worldwide, at no charge and with its remaining balance if lost or stolen. Your card is not linked to your bank account and your name will not appear on the card, hence protecting you against identity theft.

Easy to recharge

You can recharge your Prime Card online  from CIM Bank's e-banking platform, accessible from your laptop, smartphone and tablet.

* activation fees not included
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For CIM Banque's customers who own a Travel Cash or a Prime Card:

  • Budget overview
  • Card blockage
  • Card management & Save options
  • Store multiple Swiss Bankers
  • Storage of Card number and Internet code
  • Country information
  • Helpful Card Guide