Online bank transfers

The safest and quickest way to transfer and receive money

Through your CIM Banque multicurrency account you can transfer US dollars, Euros, Swiss francs, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Norwegian Crown, Swedish Crown, Russian Rouble... and more than 100 exotic currencies.

CIM Banque is a member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and has set up an important network of partner banks who work with all the financial centers of the world.

The electronic transfer SWIFT is a method that allows you to send money from one account to another, from one country to another, to pay the supplier or to be paid by a client which can be either a bank or a country.

If you wish to execute money transfer, you have the following choices:

  • E-banking system which provides you direct access from your personal computer,
  • Your Smartphone,
  • Sending a secure e-mail to CIM Banque with your transfer instructions,
  • Calling directly your Relationship Manager.

To make a transfer or receive funds by the SWIFT system, our clients simply need to know their IBAN number and the IBAN number of the receiver. The IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) specifies the elements of the banking account number of the beneficiary.

The transfer of the funds through the SWIFT system between CIM Banque and the partner banks can take from a few hours until up to a few days depending on the country of destination or the origin of the funds.

The fees to make transfers with CIM Banque are extremely competitive and start at 3,50 euros.

For the sixth consecutive year (from 2010 to 2015), CIM Bank has been proudly rewarded by the Deutsche Bank for the excellent quality of its SWIFT payments (Euros and Dollars).

Your account will provide you the following benefits:

  • High protection: data integrity and privacy,
  • Enhanced processing efficiency: efficient exchange of online information and data, without wasting time waiting for paper reports,
  • Enhanced information flow: available in a fast and easy way, thanks to a wide range of online reports.
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