Bank Guarantee

A bank guarantee is a financial instrument offered in the context of a commercial transaction. It takes the form of a written undertaking guaranteeing that the supplier or service provider will be paid in the event of a breach of contract.

Bid security

Also known as a "bid bond," this guarantee is issued to ensure that the exporter of the goods or services submits a bid as part of the tendering process and thus protects the importer against any losses that may occur if the exporter does not sign the contract. The bid security also assures the importer that the exporter will meet the contractual terms if the bid is successful.

Performance bond

The performance guarantee provides the importer with security if the exporter fails to comply with its contractual obligations. Under a performance guarantee, duties may relate to the delivery of goods or quality during the guarantee period agreed by the parties.

Advance payment guarantee

The advance payment guarantee guarantees the reimbursement of the advance payment amount to the importer, as a rule, an agreed percentage of the contractual amount if the exporter does not fulfill his contractual obligations.

Payment guarantee

The payment guarantee provides financial security to the exporter if the importer fails to pay for the goods or services supplied.

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