Spot and forward foreign exchange

Simplify your corporate treasury with the spot and forward foreign exchange transactions of CIM Bank.

Change more than 100 currencies

Deposits in more than 20 currencies

Forward foreign exchange for fixing the rate in advance


Spot foreign exchange services

To simplify the daily management of your activity, CIM Bank offers access to more than 100 stock markets in real-time at competitive prices.

Your company can receive and make payments in more than 100 currencies in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Your commercial multi-currency account lets you deposit more than 20 different currencies to simplify your treasury management.

Forward foreign exchange services

The forward foreign exchange transactions let you define the purchase or selling price at a specified time. These operations are available in more than 100 currencies at competitive prices.

The fluctuations in exchange rates can significantly impact companies' business results that engage in import and export-oriented activities. While it is difficult to predict these changes, forward foreign exchange transactions can help you protect your company against the risks of currency exchange rates fluctuation.

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